Saturday, March 6, 2010

Disneyland...ALL the Way

Go BIG or Go HOME.....that has become my motto a little bit in this season. We wanted to celebrate Tyler's birthday just right and make sure that we didn't neglect the day. What better place to celebrate than the "happiest place on earth??"

Sorry for the's taken me a month to get more Disneyland pictures up, but we had an absolute blast! Day one was quite wet, but we rocked the poncho and umbrella. It definitely didn't hurt that our hotel was close by with a dryer and change of clothes:)

Day one was Disneyland and Day two was California Adventure......Enjoy ; )

Cooper with his precious buttons. One for his first visit to Disneyland and the other the button I had made for us all to wear that read "Happy 1st Birthday Tyler..."

Does it get any better than this??

Yes, we had breakfast in bed ; )

Cooper and Jerrod on the Tea Cups. I'm pretty sure I might have thrown up if I had gotten on them!

Sword and the Stone

Carousel...always a favorite of Cooper's!

Buzz light year shooter. We went on this I think we counted 6 times!

A plus to the rain was walking through Mickey's house within 5 minutes and getting pictures with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. I think people ordinarily wait in line at least an hour.
Look at how wet Jerrod's jeans are. All our pants were wet up to our knees!
So worth it though ; )

Waiting in line for the Toy Story Ride at California Adventure. If you've played the Wii game, the ride is super similar and a lot of fun! Notice the wheel chair? My sweet husband pushed me around for two days so I didn't over do it.

One Plus: Getting to the front of almost every line! Awesome! Why doesn't everybody do that?

The Toy Story ride is 3 D...notice the glasses.

The Bug's Life Show

So much fun with these 3 D glasses. They actually squirt you with "bug juice" and things pop out of your chair like the bug's are "getting you."

Cooper's meeting with Cinderella....
It all went well until she kissed him on the cheek ; ) He couldn't wipe it off fast enough!

They are building "Radiator Springs" at California Adventure, so we can't wait to go back when it's done.

Gotta love my goof ball husband! He makes everything way more fun!

Toon Town at Disneyland

On the Monorail leaving on the last day. We got to sit on the end car and see all around. It was really fun. I'm holding Cooper's Star Wars gun that was his souvenir from the trip.

P.S. Cooper totally rode Space Mountain with Jerrod! When he tells people about it, his tag line is usually, "And I wasn't even scared!" So cute!

Thank you to everyone who made the awesome trip possible. We are so grateful! Hope you enjoyed taking a little tour of our trip....