Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cooper's 5th Birthday Party

Last Tuesday we had a "Movie Night" birthday party for Cooper's 5th birthday. It was the day that "Tangled" came out on DVD, so we thought it would be fun to do a low key evening with a few close friends. The kids got to come in their jammies and bring their sleeping bag and pillow.

Here is the invite that my sweet friend, Shara, designed for us...isn't it so cute? They were the size of a real ticket:)

Here are the favors...we got popcorn tubs from the $1 section at Target and filled it with popcorn packets, candy, a curly straw and a fun pencil.

Coop got to pick out different kinds of candy that he liked, we put them in cute glass vases, hot glued different color ribbon around them, and labeled them with card stock.

We found "Tangled" fruit snacks and thought it was a fun addition to our candy bar:)

It was hard to figure out how to serve all the kids popcorn, candy and a drink without making a huge mess on our floor. We went by In-and-Out and asked for their "eat in the car" cardboard trays. The kiddos could fill one side with popcorn and put some candy in a plastic bowl to set on the other side.

Coop's drink of choice...Lemon-Up....half lemonade, half 7-up:) I found some cute cups at Target that had sea animals on it with lids and straws.

We had a backdrop to take pics in front of with little posters from the movie, complete with a red carpet in front of it:)

I wrapped up boxes with fun wrapping paper to give the table some color, dimension and height. Simple and cheap:)

Completed table decorations...

Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder dolls as centerpieces (Yes, they were borrowed:)

The "popcorn cupcakes".... Aren't these cute? These were from a blog that had all sorts of cute ideas for cupcakes. They were super easy. Just bake the cupcakes, ice the tops, and use yellow marshmallows to make the kernels. For the bottom of the kernels, you cut a single marshmallow into thirds. Then "glue" a whole marshmallow to the top with icing. Voila!

Coop struttin' his stuff on the red carpet.

Daddy telling Coop all the things he loves about him and how proud he is to be his Dad. Super sweet:)

Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candle.
Coop enjoying the movie...

The kiddos intently watching. We borrowed a bigger t.v. from some friends and put it on a table so the kids could see.

Enjoying his popcorn and all his treats!

Sweet buddy Jackson. These two have been friends for most of their lives. Their birthdays are only a day apart. They were born 13 hours apart:)

My attempt at an "after the presents are opened" pic. All the kids cooperated except Coop...he was too busy checking out one of his new toys:)

The party was a big success and not too much craziness. The kids were wonderful and I think Cooper really enjoyed it all:)

Happy 5th Birthday Cooper Philip Rumley!