Friday, January 29, 2010

So here goes the story.....

Alright, so I have been so excited to not only begin telling people of WHAT God's done, but also, just HOW He did it. Well, you know, we will never know all the mysteries of God, but His story of how we found out and such ; )

As you all probably know or have read, we have dealt with infertility for many years. Getting pregnant has always been a long journey for us and with both the boys we were on Clomid, had done laparoscopies to open up my tubes and take care of endometriosis, and many other details like estrogen supplements, ovidrel to make me ovulate, an IUI (which didn't work), many blood tests and doctor's visits and ultrasounds. We tried to get pregnant with both boys for a long time (Cooper almost 2 years and Tyler around 1 1/2 years). I know there are many people who have dealt with infertility for much longer, so I am grateful that it only took as long as it did.


After Tyler passed away, we knew we wanted more children. We also knew that this had been a lengthy process in the past, so we didn't want to waste any time. We went back to meet with the specialist and started our journey of getting back on Clomid, doing the ultrasounds, and other stuff along with it. By October, we still were not pregnant and we had made the decision to do another laparoscopy before the end of the year since, afterall, we had met our deductible like a million times over....Having a baby and Jerrod's lovely 30 grand ACL replacement and meniscus repair.

We talked with the specialist and he was on board, so we scheduled our surgery for the day before Thanksgiving, November 25th. All went well with it and we were hopeful to get started on more fertility medication. Our insurance allows for us to basically have one month supply of injectible fertility medication. We figured with the surgery and fertility meds that we could have the best optimal chance of conceiving. The medicine arrived the week after my surgery and our hope of starting it would have been the following week. I know the Lord most certainly heard our words and probably snickered to Himself.

A week or two went by and no period. I kept thinking I was late because of the surgery and that it had just thrown me off, so after a few days I asked Jerrod if we should take a test. He of course let me know, "I don't think you're pregnant..." Which I didn't either, but I figured we should just see what was going on. He then said, "But I think it would be JUST LIKE GOD...."

Indeed it was. I came home with a pregnancy test and it was positive. I freaked out, laughed, cried and drove straight to my doctor's office. How could this be possible, because we had to have gotten pregnant before my surgery? BEFORE MY SURGERY! And on no meds FYI.

I went into the office like a tornado and demanded for someone to explain how this happened. They had performed a blood test two days prior to my surgery that was negative. NEGATIVE. So that precious baby had to have implanted on the day of my surgery. AND, with the type of surgery I had, they run dye through your tubes to flush them out. That baby is the very evidence of a miracle if you ask me.

The story gets even crazier....

So I go in that day telling them that I had a positive pregnancy test and they did a urine sample in office and told me it was negative. They also did an ultrasound and said, "See, there's nothing there." So I left the office that day so confused. I was told maybe I was ovulating or that the test was expired. She sent me over for blood work that afternoon, which I almost didn't even go because it was cold and rainy and I didn't really see the point. The next day, the nurse called me and said, "Well, God works in mysterious ways...."

YES He does. Isn't that amazing? The whole story still knocks me off my feet. I love that God took every explanation of how this could have happened out of the equation, and only HE remained. There is no credit that can be given to anyone else but Him. He has displayed His power among the people and over all the earth as far as I'm concerned. He is worthy to be praised!

Love, JEN

P.S. My fertility meds are still sitting in my fridge... ; )

"Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord." I Corinthians 1:31

" Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think,
according to the power at work within us." Ephesians 3:20


  1. WOW! Praise the Lord! He has done great thing indeed! We are rejoicing with y'all and persevering in prayer for that precious little life He is knitting together inside of you! Thank you for your testimony of steadfast faith! I am so thankful for y'all!!! Love you!

  2. I just cried all over again Jen! God is just amazing!

  3. Love and pray for you each day!

  4. What!!!! That is crazy! God is good :)

  5. Wow! How crazy is that! I know you are so excited! Congrats!

  6. Now that is just TOO COOL! I love it when God leaves NO DOUBT that HE IS IN CONTROL!!!!
    Congratulations :)

  7. Just caught up on all the baby news and Congratulations!!! God is so, so good!!Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes more then smoothly!

  8. An amazing story. One that truly does bring thoughts of amazement and praise to our God. How much He loves us!

  9. It's so good!

    "Taste and see that the LORD is good!"

    Your story is truly spine-tingling...

    God is totally sovereign.

    I'm so happy for you all.

    I'll check in again about mid-February. We are without internet access temporarily (hopefully)..

    I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back soon!

  10. I stumbled onto your blog several months ago and have been so blessed by your honesty and openness and dependency on Christ through your journey. I love the way that you write and the way you are able to just pour out your heart.

    I LOVE your story!!! I had 4 miscarriages in a row and then decided to stop trying and stop visiting the fertility specialist (who had given us a very bleak diagnosis) and just let God work in His own timing. One month later, I was pregnant with a healthy baby!!! My 6 week old precious, miracle baby boy is here and healthy and bringing more joy than I could have imagined!! GOD IS SO, SO GOOD!!! He is definitely still in the business of performing miracles!! I'm so thankful that you shared yours with us!

    I am praying for you and this precious life being knit together inside of you.

  11. I have been reading your blog for quite some time but have never left a note before. Something about just thinking that crazy people might be reading~ha~and didn't want to freak you out. Your story and tragic loss of Tyler has touched me deeply. I have not lost an infant, but my precious son is due to turn 1 on Feburary 11th. The idea of dealing with the death of a child is just overwhelming, and I can't imagine the struggle you have gone through. I have cried for you so many times because our boys are so close in age! But last night I cried tears of joy for you when I read your post. I had chills. How amazing is your pregnancy, our GOD, and that sweet soul growing in you. I have prayed for you and your family so often and am continuing to pray now. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Congrats!!!

  12. I have been following your blog since July and have never written a comment. I cry almost everytime I read your journey. My girls know that when they hear the music from your blog that I will be crying :) My son was born the week after Tyler passed away. I have prayed for you often and I am deeply touched and inspired by your strength and faith. God is great! I am so happy for you. May you have a wonderful pregnancy!

  13. I got the chills!!! Wow!! I love when God shows is presence so powerfully!! I am so happy for your family! When is your due date?

  14. We are due somewhere around the 9th or 13th of August. We are c-section now because of Tyler, so it will probably be scheduled for the week before. We are hoping for a full term healthy baby!

  15. UNBELIEVABLE or should I say so BELIEVABLE...through Him. Thrilled beyond words. Hope to run into you at the park one of these days again soon. Many loving prayers for the remainder of your miracle pregnancy.

  16. Congratulations on your news!! You have been popping up in my head during my quiet and prayer time each day. I have continually been praying (along with so many others I'm sure) for you to become pregnant with a baby. Praises and many blessings to your family.

  17. This is an amazing story and YES, God does work in amazing ways!