Friday, February 26, 2010

Foggy Funk

Do you ever have those days or weeks where you feel like you are in a funk or a fog? I feel like that is the best way I can describe myself this week. Yes, I know hormones are many times the culprit, at least for me, but I just feel like a grump. I feel like the normal things that wouldn't ordinarily bother me are pushing me over the edge. You know, the things our kids do that normally we laugh off or say "kids will be kids." Well, this week I confess, I've had a really hard time getting myself in check.

My patience with Cooper has been running thin, our calendar seems to be spiraling out of control, and my efforts to serve my husband and put him ahead of myself has most definitely not been up to par. In searching deeper to try and figure out these times in my life, I would say 99% of the time the direct correlation is time in the WORD.

Why is it that we often try to fool ourselves into thinking that we can survive on our own strength, make wise decisions, be selfless, Godly people, without being in God's Word?

Needless to say, the Lord has been nudging me this week to get back to the basics. Love HIM, and serve my family. Everything else is extra on top. I think I've been doing all the "extras" and neglecting my first two loves. When you're knee deep in ministry, with both Jerrod and I on staff, Jerrod's job transitioning into a new role, raising a preschooler going on teenager, pregnant and all the anxieties that accompany that, running a home, making sure the laundry's clean and put away, maintaining lasting friendships - you just get a little tired, ya know?

It has absolutely nothing to do with not loving my life. I love the life that God has graciously given me and the opportunities and privileges of doing what we love to do. It more has to do with balance. Sometimes we all need to just get back to the basics and make sure that everything's in check. Otherwise, it's so easy for the wheels to fall off.

I believe God desires for all of us as believers to experience freedom in HIM. If we (I) are so caught up with the junk rather than the journey, then I think we've missed it. Our focus is the here and now rather the giant picture that the Lord so desperately wants us to get a glimpse of.


  1. Thanks, Jen for this. I really needed to hear this today.

  2. oh i am so there with you- especially today. And today I thought about you and I thought I need to get over myself! I hate those day/weeks. You want to return to normal and be patient, loving, and kind- but it is no where in you. So, I made cinnamon rolls tonight. I have restored a little joy. :) Now to grab one and sit with my bible!

  3. Thanks for the nudge. It is so easy to short change the Lord and hubby.

  4. You're so right, Jen. I have experienced this "funk" over and over. I find that as soon as I look outside the box of my selfishness and peer into the graciousness that is God's love and timing, I start to understand gratefulness and then joy comes with that. Thanks for great reminder. Love you and you are in my thoughts and prays constantly!

    -Alison Burrell

  5. Good word. Writing seems to come natural for you, I wouldn't be surprised if you write a book some day!
    Leslie Rice

  6. I have been short on patience this week too Jen. Thank you for reminding me why and for the reminder to make sure our lives illustrate our priorities. Love you : ) - Ash

  7. Man oh Man!!! "funk" is an understatement! Thanks for writing this because it reminds us busy, busy moms that we are not the only ones feeling this way..... but at the same time a great reminder to "snap out of it!!".
    Hope this week is a better one for all.