Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I can hardly believe I have a Kindergartener now!  What a big boy!  Here are a few pics from Coop's first day:)

Walking to school...

Starting a "first day of school tradition"....standing in front of the Wood's Elementary sign:)

Cool, new backpack....check!

Finding his name on the board before heading in to class:)

So proud of my sweet boy, and praying for a wonderful year in Kindergarten and for the Lord to continue His work in Cooper. Can't wait to see all that he will learn this year:)


  1. What a handsome kindergartner you have!! My Cooper started Kinder this year too!! Such a big milestone!!! Hope your little man loves school!!

  2. what an exciting time!!! hope he has a great year!!

  3. How exciting! What a special day for everyone :)

  4. The start of a new school year is always so exciting!