Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Beckham's 4 Months

Beckham's 5 Months

Sawyer turned 2!!!
We headed to the Splash park with a few friends and had a blast even though it was a hot day...

Blue eyes

Sweet boy

 (p.s. I hate seeing my sun spots on my forehead...any ideas on how to get rid of that??)

Best family pic of the night.  You like Sawyer's face? Oh well...It was hot and this was the best we could do:)

Daddy speaking encouragement and all the things we're proud of and hope for Sawyer...a sweet tradition on our kiddos birthdays.

Thank goodness for Costco cakes!

Such a fun night with sweet friends!

(I'll work on getting Beckham's 6 months pics up soon:)


  1. Okay, I love Sawyer's face in the family pic . . . his eyes say it all. Super sweet, with a hint of naughty!

  2. Retin-A combined with hydroquinone for the sun spots. Email me if you need more details. I've used it and it worked AMAZING!

  3. You boys are all just precious.

  4. Precious boys, Jen! I can just see Tyler when I look at them. Love you!