Monday, October 5, 2009

Fertility Update

After one of my first posts about where we are in the process of having more children, it dawned on me that many of you are probably wondering what's going on. To spare you the boring details, it has been a very long month and a half. The medicine did not work very well this month, so when I went in for a follicle check, there were only two and two small follicles at that. The nurse gave me a couple more days to let them grow, so when I went back in, only one had grown a little bit. Needless to say, I was not all that hopeful this month, but knew good and well that God could do whatever He wanted.

I have been on Clomid probably 12 different times and it has never messed with my cycles. I have always been very regular, but for some reason this month has been extra long. I finally started, so we are hoping to start our second month of treatment this time around. Our initial plan was to do two months of Clomid, possibly try injectibles in November and then if we were not pregnant by that time, we would like to do another laparoscopy for my endometriosis. This seems to be the best steward of our finances since we have obviously met our deductible this year due to having Tyler in February.

Infertility is such an exhausting journey. It is emotionally draining with all the waiting and hormones, it is spiritually draining knowing that the Lord is in complete control and desiring His perfect will, and financially draining since insurance doesn't cover hardly anything. We are just pooped! We know that having another baby, being pregnant, doing treatments....none of it makes our situation go away. We still miss Tyler terribly and frankly just want HIM back in our lives, but we know that this is impossible on this earth. We desperately desire more children, and selfishly I've kind of been praying for twins. I know it sounds silly and I know that the Lord knows exactly what we can handle, but it sure would be a huge blessing!

Please pray for our hearts, that we would be content with exactly where we are today. Pray that the Lord would be in the details of all our infertility junk and that He would make it obvious each step of the way. Pray that the Lord would bless us with one or more bundles of joy in His perfect timing. Pray that God would provide the means to continue with treatments if necessary and if not, that He would help us to steward our money wisely. We know and are confident that He is right here in our midst and He desires for us to be HOLY way more than He desires for us to be HAPPY. We are certainly becoming more and more sanctified through this process, so for that we are grateful. We are very blessed;)

Thank you for praying and taking this journey with us,


  1. Jen,
    You are in my prayers....everyone has their own unique story and desires that we are hopeful of God fulfilling. Thankfully, He sees each one of us for who we are and what He wants for us.
    I will keep praying for your family.
    P.S. Jerrod did an awesome job on Sunday and I really feel God using him when he is preaching:)

  2. Thanks for the update Jen. You have been on my mind so much lately and I have been wanting to ask how this last cycle went for you. I'm so sorry it didn't work. Praying for your heart, your mind, your marriage, your body, and your finances during the roller coaster ride of fertility treatments. Praying that you'll be able to get off that roller coaster very, very soon!

  3. We are praying and praying and praying for you

  4. Jen, I think of you so much and now know just how to pray for you. You are precious, and I admire you so much. Love you!

  5. are on my heart constantly and even though we don't get to see you guys and catch up "voice to voice" much...know that I am lifting you up, sweet friend and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for His precious children! We love you guys!

  6. Praying for you and that the Lord would open your womb again.

    Love you friend.

  7. I came across your blog tonight through a link from another blog I read occasionally and your words have touched my heart. I have twin girls and I will pray for the Lord to bless you with twins. I prayed for twins and He graciously granted my request.