Thursday, October 15, 2009


I feel like the Lord's been doing a huge work in me and teaching me more about Grace than ever before. What an interesting concept....GRACE. To receive something that you don't deserve. Yes, I feel like I have always known that I have "been saved my grace," and that "God's grace is sufficient for me," but it has become a very real truth in my life.

Last week, I flew home to Little Rock to surprise my mom and dad and attend my cousin's wedding. As I flew out of Fresno, it was just amazing at how the Lord revealed Himself to me. I watched as we flew higher and higher and just the pure majesty of all that God has created. The mountains, the water, the way that I could follow the rivers and streams through the nooks of the mountains. The landscape and the trees, the snow already glazing the tops of the mountains. I listened to worship music and specifically the song, "Glory to God." I was just reflecting on how all the majesty of nature reflects the very person of God and how it's very design is to bring Glory to Him. Even more so, I have been made in His image, designed and made, to bring Him all the glory He is due.

I had a rough week and had some hard conversations before I left. If you know me at all, you know that confrontation is not exactly on the top of my list of fun things to do. As I sat and reflected on the week's events, I realized more and more how desperately I need Grace. Not just a little, but A LOT. I have always recognized and acknowledged that I am a very imperfect person, but I saw my need for a Savior in a whole new way. How amazing is it that He loves us despite our sin? He knew in His Sovereignty that we could never do this thing alone, that we would fall on our face, make bad choices, say things that are hurtful, not have discernment on a bad day, and just do plain stupid, idiotic things. Yet, His love for us was so great, that He died in our place so that our sin would no longer separate us from Him.

What a gracious God we serve! I am grateful for Grace, I am grateful for unconditional love and I am grateful for second chances. I am grateful for a God who sees the best in me and cheers me on towards holiness with gentle nudges and occasional reminders. I am so glad He's not done with me yet;)

In addition to the things God has been showing me, I want to address and acknowledge that today is Infant Loss Awareness Day. I am remembering my sweet baby Tyler today and praying for so many sweet Mommies out there who have empty, aching arms. I miss you sweet baby boy and long for the day when I see you again. Rest gently in the arms of a gracious Savior, who because of Him, you have life abundantly. I love you, Mommy


  1. Jenn..I love reading your beautiful posts. You're vulnerable to him even in your darkest times and will someday stand with all those lives you changed before his throne. Thank you for letting him work through you. It truly is amazing and shows how amazing you are. Thanks for sharing. I miss seeing your sweet face!

  2. Jen, You are so loved. I am praying daily for you and your sweet family. <3

  3. Jen--I love to read what is on your heart. GRACE! I am speechless and overwhelmed by Jesus. I am praying.