Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Month!

What a month it's been! I'm sorry that blogging has been placed on the back burner, but I promise I will catch up. So much has happened, so it may take me a few posts to get all the pictures uploaded, so please be patient with me.

March has been so incredibly full. Full in more ways than one. In the middle of the month, Jerrod and I both traveled separately - me to a bachelorette weekend for my sweet friend Steph that got married on the 26th and Jerrod up to the mountains for his last retreat with the Community team. Jerrod has undergone several transitions since being on staff at the Well, so currently he is the North Campus Pastor along with being one of the teaching pastors, but he will soon transition to the Clovis Campus Pastor when we launch that campus. I love that the Lord keeps us on our toes and always keeps things fresh and exciting;)

We celebrated Cooper's 4th birthday with a Bowling Bash at the bowling alley and he had so much fun. He was definitely quick to tell me that he did NOT need the ramp! He was pretty funny trying to get that ball all the way down to the pins. My mom and stepdad (Nana and Boboo) came to visit us over Cooper's birthday which was a real treat!

Cooper got a lot of fun things for his birthday, but some of his favorites are his new dress up clothes (a knight, and an army man). He is so cute pretending and playing. Another favorite is his new "batting machine." It pitches the ball up in the air and he's pretty darn good at it! He's going to be our little athlete I think, so we'll have to see which sport he gravitates to. Right now he loves baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, well pretty much all of them:) He goes out to the driving range with Daddy and they hit balls together. He's got his own little set of clubs and is such a big boy. He's got a pretty nice swing too! He's a lot better than Mommy! Mommy just whiffs it!!!

While my mom was here, we got to shop, go to the mountains and see the Giant Sequoias which was alot of fun, and travel to the coast. Those are some BIG trees! It's pretty unbelievable to see how the Lord designed such an amazing living thing and to hear all about their history. The pictures hardly do it justice! I think on average it takes 40 people linking arms to wrap their arms around the trunk. Pretty cool if you ask me!

After church on Sunday while they were here, we headed to the coast to an amazing home that is so generously allowed by our sweet friends. Boboo has never been to the coast and seen the Pacific ocean, so it was a lot of fun. We went to the Monterey Bay aquarium, drove to Big Sur one day for lunch and took lots of pictures with Coop running in the sand and trying not to let the cold water hit his little feet. The Pacific is cold, and although there are plenty of crazy people who get in, we often bundle up when we go;) We got to do 17 mile drive and see the Sea Lions basking, and then we got to see Pebble Beach which is just beautiful. Jerrod has a dream that one day he might get to play the course:) It's only $500, and that includes a caddy, so hey, a man can dream can't he??

Once we arrived home, we had Jake and Steph's wedding rehearsal and wedding, which was such an honor to get to be a part of. All three of us were in the wedding, so it was definitely a full family affair. Cooper looked precious in his tux, so I can't wait to post a pic of him. He affectionately calls it his "spy suit," so he most definitely ate up every minute!

Back on March 10th, we had our second ultrasound with the perinatologist and all things seem to be going great with the pregnancy. She confirmed that we are indeed having another little BOY, so we are blessed and anxious and grateful and scared all at the same time. We are trying to trust the Lord that He knows exactly what we need, which is so much easier said than done.

I have been having some heart issues that I have seen a cardiologist for this week, but it seems that it is all pregnancy related and hopefully no reason for concern. I think with everything this week and being already April, my emotions have been very high. My sweet friend Jessica just had her 4th baby, baby Brody Kade Visser, this week on Tuesday, so many emotions are surfacing for me, and I know for her. We are both now asked to care for another little baby boy after losing one and giving both Kade and Tyler back to the Lord.

I feel a little bit like time is just going by so fast and I can't hardly slow it down. We have been so busy with ministry and traveling and so many other fun things, but I can't hardly catch my breath. I feel like I've been holding back tears and stuffing so much of how I'm feeling when all I really want is just to hold Tyler again. Emotions of missing him this week have almost been too much to bear and I feel like so much of what I feel I have been stuffing and it is slowly leaking out. On a bad day I feel a little bit like I should be past a certain point, or maybe it's no longer appropriate for me to cry and have hard days. I know it's a complete lie, but unfortunately it's one I can tend to allow myself to believe.

I can't even imagine that this 3rd precious life will God willing be joining our family in four short months. I almost don't even know if I believe that day will ever come. And if it does, how long will the Lord give me with him? We have chosen a name for our precious little miracle that we would love to share....

Sawyer Jace Rumley

We like the name Sawyer and Jace means "healer, the Lord is my salvation...." We felt this was incredibly special since we hope and pray that this baby will be another step in the healing of our hearts. I can not wait to meet him, but I almost feel like I'm so fearful for life to move on. I'm so scared of Tyler not being apart of our family as it grows. I feel like the closer we get to Sawyer arriving, the farther away Tyler feels. Missing him has really set in for me. Cooper continues to talk about wanting Tyler to come back home and he seems genuinely excited for Sawyer to arrive. It's so hard to believe that Tyler is going to be a big brother and that Sawyer is never going to meet him here on earth.

I am falling more and more in love with my sweet Cooper each day and he is growing into such a sweet little boy. He is so bright and full of life. Many days I dream about what life could have been like with my two boys playing and being brothers and I often miss it. The Lord has been more than gracious to show us His faithfulness and goodness, so I am just trying to keep my eyes focused on Him. It's a daily surrender, so today Lord, here's my life....


  1. Sounds like a very full and good month.

    Sawyer Jace. Perfect.

    Sawyer will bring life to the dead places and this is God's plan! The celebration of new life in your family will never be the same. God is so good, and I'm so glad and happy for you too.

    Take Care!

  2. Jen,
    Praying Jehova Jira would wrap you in Him arms, moment by moment so that you would feel them about you. Rejoicing with you in this overwhelming miracle of Sawyer..His grace is enough. Praying it would continually be more and more abundant for you.
    Love y'all so much.
    Love the Littlepages

  3. Oh Jen, I can only imagine all that you are many different emotions amongst all the busyness. My heart still hurts for sweet Tyler, so I would never expect you to fully healed. I will continue to pray for healing and for peace as Sawyer's arrival gets closer. I love his name and can't wait to see his little face!

    By the way, Cooper looks like such a little man in his tux...too cute!

    I love you much!

  4. Jen,
    I stop by your blog periodically and I am so excited to see that you are expecting again! I completely understand why that would make you long for Tyler even more though. You're in my prayers.