Saturday, July 3, 2010

Reminders of the Season

A few days before Tyler passed away, I looked out my kitchen window to see the day lilies blooming in the front walkway. I thought to myself how glad I was that they were blooming so that when my mom and stepdad came to visit a couple weeks later, they would be pretty. Little did I know that Tyler would pass away before they could see him again. This year, as I looked outside, I was reminded how the day lilies come up at this same time. End of June. Funny how God knew that, as He does every detail. He knew that I would be sweetly reminded of his faithfulness through the simplicity of a flower bloom. I get to be reminded of my Tyler each year on June 24th as I'm greeted by these flowers.

Not only is it the season when Tyler passed away, it's the season of my birthday. Tyler passed away four days after my birthday last year, so from now on, my birthday is marked by the reminder that four days later we gave our sweet boy back to the Lord. This year, for my birthday we were pretty low key. Our sweet friends Rick and Judy kept Cooper overnight, Jerrod and I grabbed a quick dinner, visited some friends and went to bed early. It was quite hard not having Coop here at the house, a very odd feeling, but I think he had a pretty big time with "JuJu and Uncle Rick!"

For my gift from Cooper, Jerrod asked him what he loved about Mommy.....He gave several reasons, but then landed on, "She's beautiful..." Jerrod took him to Target to pick out my gift and he was so adamant about making me "beautiful." He chose a pink bracelet (animal print:), pink earrings, and of course a pink shirt. Notice a theme?? The sack he gave it to me in was pink, too, with pink tissue paper. Boy was he proud!!! What a sweetie! Just thought I'd share a couple pictures of the outfit:) I did talk to him about needing to take the earrings and bracelet back because they "didn't fit:)" He was totally content with that....

On the 24th, we celebrated Tyler's Glory Day. Our precious friends loaned us their home to use so people could stop by and swim and hang out. We had lots of people come by and give hugs and cards and flowers and so many friends helped make this day possible from the house, to the signs, to cleaning up. Thank you all for helping us remember and honor our sweet Tyler. Here are a few pics from the day...

Only a couple more prego pictures to post:) Here I am at 34 weeks....a little passed my 8 month shot, but oh well. I'll be sure to take another pic at 9 months and then one right before D-Day! This was from the day of my shower where I felt very loved by so many people. It was such a sweet time, and very emotional. Lots of details went into making it special and it was a lot of fun to have my mom here for it. I will post some pics later hopefully;)

Thank you all for continuing on this journey with us. Many changes ahead, so many great things, and so many unknowns. I can't even believe that Sawyer will be here in 4 weeks or less, it just seems surreal. I can't believe Tyler is already going to be a big brother. He would almost be 18 months, so not too hard to imagine having all three of my boys. I will have to wait to have them all again, but praising the Lord for this miracle within.

So grateful for what GOD's doing.....


  1. Love the earrings and bracelet! I have a few of those too. ;) Annika recently picked out some black hoops with neon colored peace signs. Don't you love their precious hearts?! I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing with us the things God is teaching you. I know this is never the kind of ministry you had in mind or wanted, but it is amazing to see how God is using you. You are beautiful! I love that picture of you! I am praying for you that you will have an amazing amount of peace. I must think of you a hundred times a day and I at night when I check on the girls- I always have since they were born. Gotta see that rising chest before I can go to sleep. I know God is bigger than fear, worry, and all the other emotions a new baby brings. I am praying you have the peace only he can give you and an amazing amount of energy to be up a lot. Even if you stare at him all night long! :) I can't wait to see his sweet face. You are doing amazingly well through this amazingly difficult time. You are honoring God so well.

  2. First of all you look great in your "belly" picture. What a nice celebration for Tyler!!! You have a beautiful family!!

  3. Jen ~ You look stunning!

    Tyler's glory day looked like a wonderful celebration. Yes, you will have all three of your boys together again!

    I was just thinking how after Colson is born people will see our family as a normal family of four from the outside (those who may not know us well), but I will always see our family with Reese in between her two brothers. One day it really will be so!

    Love you and so excited for you.

  4. Jen! You really do look FANTASTIC! We were praying for y'all all day on the 24th, and continue to pray daily. Thank you for walking in His grace. We love y'all so much and are so excited for Sawyer's arrival.

  5. What Katie said resonated with me too...I always see our family with Janie missing and I do wonder how she'd be and what she'd look like and I know she'd be like the Three Muskateers with Sara and Kellie, who are like twins anyway....

    Always bittersweet, huh?

    You look gorgeous and really happy in your pic.

    Actually, you look joyful. Joy is totally different than happiness; it's forged in really hard times and it's the calm assurance that God has it all under control and He's always there. Happiness fluctuates with circumstances, joy never does. That isn't to say that joy is always happy and smiley and laughing.....nobody can ever take joy away from you because it is given and protected by the Lord.

    Take care of your day lilies.

  6. Oh Jen. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing all these really special moments. Continual praying for your tender heart, your family, and especially the upcoming birth of sweet Sawyer. Love you!