Saturday, January 29, 2011

Give it Away

Many years ago, before Jerrod and I even met, somewhere along the way, I knew deep down that some how I would be in ministry. I had a sneaking suspicion that the Lord would eventually call me to be a pastor's wife, and little did I know the ride I was in for. I truly can not imagine my life any different, and I feel blessed, unworthy, and unqualified many days to fulfill the mission the Lord has set before me, both as a mom and a wife.

As Jerrod has been in many different positions and roles, one constant has remained the same....people, God's people. The church. Who's needs, problems, celebrations, trials, successes, failures, baggage, addictions, relationships, births, deaths, and marriages never go away. Long ago when Jerrod and I both separately came to know the Lord, it marked a day for each of us, as it does for all believers in Christ, that in that moment, our life was no longer ours. It became Christ's. It was no longer what we wanted in life, what direction we felt best to travel, from big decisions to small ones, it was HE who would ultimately be the deciding factor and the compass in which we would follow. And with our lives being Christ's, we reside ourselves to the fact that He will and does use us as HE sees fit. In that, it brings true meaning to "die to self." Not what I want Lord, but what you want, no matter how much it hurts...sound familiar? A similar prayer that even Jesus Himself prayed shortly before He was crucified.

Although there have been many ups and downs both personally in marriage and in our family, but also in professional ministry, one thing is for certain. We are called to give our life away. It's not ours to keep, especially as believers in Christ. I think so often we get caught up in the lie of "do what makes you feel good," "oh I'm not gifted at this or that," "I just don't have time," "that's someone else's job", "I don't have anything to offer," or "I need to get my life together first" (It's a good thing the Lord already knows we're never gonna be perfect or else we'd all be waiting around till Jesus comes back! ;) ....excuse, excuse, excuse. Don't get me wrong, not everyone is called to professional ministry (where you get paid to do ministry;), but everyone is called to serve, to give their life away, to influence people for the kingdom, to make disciples. Amazingly, the Lord has equipped us ALL to do HIS work.

How are you going to give your life away? Are you going to be apart of a ministry team at your church? Are you going to partner with a local ministry in your area? Let's get a little more personal...Are you going to stop nagging your hubby and serve his socks off, even though he may not deserve it? Are you going to lay down your rights and expectations for "you" time to spend it on the floor with your kiddos? Are you going to sneak over and drop off a plate of cookies on your neighbor's porch just to encourage them? Are you sitting around at a party waiting to be served, or are you the one in the kitchen doing the dishes so everyone else can enjoy? (Love you, Jess!) The list could go on and on :) Don't sit by idle and miss out on what the Lord wants to use you for, and more importantly what He wants to do IN you!

I would love to hear how you are giving your life away. Big or small, leave a comment and let's spur one another on!


  1. Wonderful encouraging post. My hubby has been a Sunday School teacher for 30 years. Currently we both serve on a ministry at church In His Arms and we provide financial assistance to members of our body who are in need ie: loss of job, utility bills, car insurance things like that. Our church body has been wonderfully generous in keeping the ministry afloat.

  2. Thanks for this encouraging message. Currently I am the head of the nursery ministry at our church, I belong to a MOPS group and plan frequent playdates with the mommies. But I want to do more....

  3. Wow! Just hit me between the eyes...thanks, I needed that! I used to be EXTREMELY involved in my church and then through a series of events, hurt feelings, all aged parents moving close, grandchildren being born in cities an hour + away and wanting to see them on weekends...I have dropped out of many ministries. While I miss those, it's a bit of a relief sometimes in being able to do the things without so many committments and always feeling guilty about something. I definitely need to reinvolve. Good post.

  4. Are you going to lay down your rights and expectations for "you" time to spend it on the floor with your kiddos?, this really hit home. i find myself sometimes resenting that i never have my own time...instead of accepting this as a part of this season of my life...thank you for this post...i really needed to read/hear it. my kids thank you too.
    :) linda

  5. Thank you for your post.... you really allowed God to speak through you- especially for me. I do not know you- but stumbled across your post on the perfect day that I needed a swift kick in the heart. :)

  6. Hmmmm...serve his socks off. That's where I need to start. Thanks!

  7. Hi Jen! A mutual friend (Michelle Winter) linked me to your blog months ago and I have been quietly stalking ever since. Well, until now... ;) I just wanted to tell you that I LOVED this post. Such great encouragement to my soul. And so many great reminders. Thank you.

  8. AMEN Sister! I love this post for so many reasons! (1) The comment about serving my husband's socks off? Ouch! I tend to mumble & complain more than keeping my mouth shut, but I'm trying. (2) Spending more time with the kids instead on soaking in the tub, reading for 90 minutes? That one hurts too but I'll be making a more conscious decision from now on. Thanks : ) (3) I do work at church where I'm needed whether it's cooking dinners, cleaning the church, picking up communion cups and leftover papers/gum wrappers after church on Sunday mornings, but I'm sure there is even more I could be doing.

    One of our pastors, years ago, said there are two types of people: Those who do and those who will let you do. I have always remembered that and try very hard to do whatever is needed.

    Thanks for this post! It's very inspiring yet it's also a good swift kick in the rear, which alot of us need from time to time : )

    Karen in MD

  9. Great post!! I love it all and it such a good reminder bc our world constantly encourages us to have me time! God has been putting orphans on our hearts for the past couple of years- so we are fostering. We just got our first placement Monday! It is fun to be involved in what God is doing! Especially in the little life he longs to redeem.

  10. HI Jen,
    I just found your blog today and wanted to leave a comment. I met you a few weeks ago at church- my family just started attending the Clovis campus a few months ago.
    Thank you for being real and pointing others to Jesus. Giving of ourselves is what being a follower of Christ is all about.
    I look forward to getting to know you better in the future (in real life as well as the blog-world! :)