Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Great Day of Soccer

Today has been so fun! We had Cooper's second soccer game today and after last week, we were hoping for a much better day. All the kids were much more aware of what was going on, we had no tears (yea!), and they listened and actually tried to stay with the ball. We were much improved, so that was fun.

Cooper scored his first goal today! What a proud moment! We yelled and cheered and he was so excited.

Goal #1

Not only that, but he had his first "hat trick" today. I was educated by Jerrod that a hat trick is when you make 3 goals in a game. That's right 3 GOALS!!! Cooper did awesome. He's really getting it and went for it today. Daddy and Mommy are super proud.

Goal #2

Goal #3!!!

Here's a few more cute pics from the day.....


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  2. yay coop! so glad you all had such a fun day together;) so thankful for the joy of cooper even on the hardest of days. god is so gracious. love you xox

  3. As the mother of a former soccer player 1st though 12th grade my favorite players are the ones whose shin guards meet the shorts.

  4. So very sweet. WTG Cooper!! Love the pics, especially the one where he is looking toward the field and he has his hands on his back. Precious. :)