Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun Prego Facts

My belly is growing and Sawyer is kicking away. The nurses kept laughing while I was at the hospital because they couldn't keep him on the monitor. He's a mover and a shaker! All my boys have been this way, but he got extra testy when they would try and tie the monitors on me. You could almost hear him say, "Hey, get out of my business!!!"

Some Prego Facts for this pregnancy so far....

*During the ultrasound on Sunday, the technician estimated Sawyer's current weight at 2 pds., 4 oz. He still needs to put on some weight before we meet him though ;)

*I am measuring to the day with my dates, so praise the Lord Sawyer is growing perfectly. Just where he should be. I'm 27 weeks and 1 day.

*I've gained 12 pounds so far.....I think I gained that a lot quicker with Tyler, but since I'm having these racing heart things and now I'm on the terbutaline medicine, it's keeping things busy in my body. A friend likened it to running a marathon all the time. The medicine keeps your heart rate up, so maybe it's burning more calories. Maybe the bed rest and heart racing thing will cancel each other out :)

*Sawyer's baby bedding came in, so I will have to keep everyone posted on the nursery. I laugh that I am on bed rest now and can't really do much, but thank goodness for great friends that can help.

I'll try and post pics of my 7 month belly within the week:)


  1. so glad he just keeps growing and is nice and healthy :)

    i love that your blog look changes daily ;)

  2. Oh boy!! Sorry to hear you are on bed rest. You still look great in that pic. Take care of yourself and baby Sawyer.

  3. Praying for you!! I was just thinking yesterday I have not read your blog in awhile and then I received an email today!!

  4. That's so good to hear! I am so glad everything is going well.

    -PS- See if you can snag me some of that terbutaline. I have a few stubborn pounds that a "marathon" would really help. ha!

    Love you!

  5. I love Ps 63. Thank you for sharing it with us. I know you are trusting and resting in the shadow of God wings knowing that He will care for the needs of your family during this time. Praying for God to guard your mind from Satan's little lies of guilt of having to lay down all the time (when you know you COULD get things done, but you shouldn't and really can't) or of frustration of not being able to interact with your family the way you would love to. The wonderful thing about walking with God is that you can do it laying down too. :)
    Much love, Jenn