Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's Gnu?

During the summer, it's important to me to maintain some sense of structure now that preschool's out. Besides that, with Coop starting Kindergarten in the fall, I want to do a few educational things with him when I can.

If you haven't seen all the games by "Thinkfun," you are missing out! They are at Target, and here is one that will be wonderful, especially next year and as Coop gets better at reading and spelling.

It's called "What's Gnu?" Pretty cute, huh? It's pretty simple, but you lay out all the game cards that have letters and blanks on them. One person slides the letter cartridge to reveal two letters. All the players look at the letters and the game cards and try to complete a word. The player that makes the word, takes the game card. Whoever makes the most words "wins."

Just a few of the words I helped Coop make:)

Some of the other games at Target we like are Zingo and Smatch....they are more on a preschool level, but Jerrod and I have been known to get a little competitive while playing as a family;)

They make great birthday gifts at around $17 a piece too!

What are your ideas for summer educational stuff??


  1. Hi, I've read your blog a few times, but never left a comment. I, too, am a pastor's wife and mommy of little people. I have never heard of any of these games, so thank you! I have 4 little people at my house, all 5 and under, so we have been working on being structured this summer, too. I have used a lot of resources from this blog http://confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/ you may like it too. I've mostly been using her Bible memory verses, character traits, and calendar time. We've also been reading a lot, the Jesus Storybook Bible and we are finishing up Charlotte's Web. Wow, sorry for the rambles! Thank you for the cute game ideas. Happy Summer!

  2. Heather, I love your ideas...I can't wait to go check out your resources! We just finished reading Charlotte's web at our house too:) So fun!