Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Times

Although many of life's experiences are hard, heart breaking, and difficult, there are also those moments that make it so sweet. Friends play such a big role in our lives, and we are full believers that we (humans) were never meant to walk through life alone.
Here are just a few of the couples that we "do life with," our Life Group. These couples, along with several others, are who push us, sharpen us, ask the tough questions, get their hands dirty in the messes of life with us, and show us God's grace daily. We feel incredibly blessed by the community of believers He has surrounded us with here in Fresno!

And then there is the sweetness of little ones! Ahhh, how can something so small make you laugh so hysterically, cry so hard, or make you want to pull your hair out, many times within minutes of each other???

Here are my little cuties doing some of which they do best right now....dancing and clapping:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8 Months, 9 Months, Mother's Day

Obviously I am totally behind on keeping the blog up to date, but better late than never. Here are a few of Sawyer's 8 and 9 months shots:)

8 Months:

9 Months:

Sawyer, you are growing way too fast! You are on the move constantly and I can't believe how big you are. You had a hard time sitting still for your 9 month pics, but aren't you a cutie sitting on your little bench!

9 Month stats:

weight - 19 pounds (10th percentile)

height - 27 inches (10th percentile)

head - 46 cm (75th percentile:)

You are our little peanut! And you are so smart with your big ole brain! ( big head)

*You are clapping your hands when we say, "Yayyyy!"

*You are waving and saying, "Hiiii," in the most precious little voice.

*You still absolutely adore your big brother!

*You are happy pretty much all the time.

*You are super observant and love watching what's going on around you.

*You are pulling up on EVERYTHING! and starting to cruise around the furniture.

*You still army crawl (very quickly I might add). Most hilariously, you've managed to put a hole in the right foot of all of your pajamas from pushing off while crawling.

One quick pic from Sawyer's dedication. It was a sweet and very emotional day. Mother's Day has a lot of meaning for me for a lot of different reasons, so I was very overcome. Rick and Judy Taylor stood on stage with us...our mentors, mom and dad away from home, fellow traveler in grief (They lost Kyle at 5 years old), and dear amazing friends.

Cutie boys right after bath:) Such sweet brothers!

My new favorite thing:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 9 Years

9 years ago today I married the man of my dreams. He was everything I needed, wanted and hoped for.

That day we made a covenant,

part of which was for better or worse.....

In these past 9 years, we have had our share of amazing, wonderful, mountain top experiences, and we have also experienced the depths of grief, mourning and sadness.

We have laughed till we've cried, and cried till we've laughed, and I couldn't pick anyone more perfect for me.

He is an amazing Daddy. The best in the world if you ask me! He loves our boys. He teaches them about what it means to be a man...leading courageously, rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility.

He teaches them what it means to love GOD by his example.

He protects them, provides for them.

He shows them what it means to love people, God's people. No one loves people more than Jerrod. He shepherds well, leads well, and loves well.

He is an incredible husband. Everyday he dies to himself and puts me above him. He loves me, his bride, with an unconditional love. He does not judge, he does not keep record of wrongs, he serves me even when I know he doesn't feel like it.

He places me in the highest regard with the utmost respect. He tells me I am beautiful every single day.

He looks for a million ways to say 'I love you' without even saying the words.

He sees me through grace-filled eyes, never a critical spirit.

He leads our family with conviction and does not waver on what he knows to be true, leaning on the Truth of the Word.

What in the world did I do to ever deserve the gift the Lord gave me in Jerrod?

The truth is, nothing. I did absolutely nothing. It is God's complete goodness and grace.

I am praising the Lord for His faithfulness and His constant pursuit of me, of my marriage, of my life. I am thankful that He is never done with me!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We had a fun, low-key Easter with church and dinner with some dear friends, but it sure makes us miss our families on holidays:) Here are few pics from the last couple weeks...

These two adore each least when Cooper is not pestering him:)

Cooper's preschool has the tradition of decorating Easter bonnets with each child and his parent. The kids can pick out whatever they want to put on top. Of course, as usual, Coop went with a sports theme:) We had fun hot glueing all the items on together.

Then they all parade around the courtyard to show off their masterpieces:)

On Easter morning, Coop and I made tomb rolls to symbolize Jesus being buried in the tomb after His death on the cross and then raising from the grave.
Here are the ingredients:)

You take a big marshmallow (Jesus), dip the marshmallow in butter, then roll it in cinnamon and sugar (I like to think we anointed Him:)
We then rolled up the marshmallow in a crescent roll,
tucked in and pinched the sides,
and put them all on a cookie sheet.
Put them in the oven....
And, Voila! Where'd the marshmallow go??
(Yes, "Jesus" might have oozed out the sides of the rolls, but you get the point:)
They were really yummy!

We had a little egg hunt in our front yard with just Coop.

Sweet Sawyer's new wrinkle nose face.
Showing off the loot!
How hilarious is this? Is he not too cute??
My sweet boys, minus one;)
Easter egg hunt #2 at our friend's.

Coop and his buddy Noah.

And finally, this little cutie turned 9 months this week! Where has the time gone?
We are looking forward to a very special day on Sunday, as we dedicate Sawyer Jace Rumley to the Lord. On Mother's Day. Our third baby boy to be dedicated on Mother's Day. What a sweet tradition;)