Saturday, December 17, 2011

The past month in a nutshell...

Life has felt a little overwhelming lately, and something tells me we need to buckle up our seat belts because we are t-minus 8 1/2 weeks until Rumley baby #4 comes!  Yikes!  I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone and if I get up the courage, I'll post a belly shot.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday this past week to discover I had gained 6 pounds in TWO weeks!  This time of year is brutal with all the holiday food, Christmas parties, cookie exchanges, etc.  

The Rumleys have been quite busy and I wanted to FINALLY get some pics up of what we've been up to lately.  Here are the highlights:)...

Coop had his first loose tooth....

And when Jerrod's mom was here, he let her pull it!  

Coop and I attended the Mother/Son dance for his school.  

My sweet date!  We went for pizza first with some of the other moms and kids and then headed for some fun at the dance.  I discovered I have a lot to learn in letting go of my little man!  I am such a "helicopter mom."

Sweet brothers:)  Sawyer adores his big brother (aka "Bubba")!
He is starting to talk so much more and it's amazing what he understands.  You forget how smart they are so early on!

 Coop had his Christmas program at school.  We unfortunately missed it because we headed up to Hume for staff retreat, but thanks to sweet friends, we got some cute pics:)

Cooper and his buddy Jemma.

The two of them doing their speaking part at the end:)

The Well Community Church's staff and most spouses:)  It's crazy how many new faces there are each year!  We of course had a great time of connecting and getting some time away.  This was our 6th staff retreat and I have never attended without a child or pregnant, so I'm thinking next year is my year;)

How beautiful is Hume??  It looks like a fake background!

Me and my sweet hubby:)  Please excuse my chubby cheeks!  All we did was eat and sit around hanging out....I've got work to do:)

Cutie pies hanging out in the ball tub.  All boy!

Someone has discovered that he LOVES ketchup and loves to dip everything in it...mostly his fingers.  Here he is enjoying his In-N-Out burger!


Sawyer also loves to crawl under, through and on top of things.  Here he is in a little distress stuck under the bar stool:)  I couldn't resist snapping a pic;)

Jerrod and Coop had the privilege to be a part of a wedding of a sweet friend a few weeks ago...aren't they handsome?

On Thanksgiving we took fresh flowers to Tyler and spent a little time at his grave.  We had a really sweet Thanksgiving this year with another staff family.  Yummy food and very low key:)

I have no idea why the video below posted twice and I can't delete one of them, so there you go:)  We have been having a lot of dance parties lately, so enjoy!

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful week with family and friends!