Saturday, October 20, 2012

The last 3 months...

In August, we headed to Carmel and Monterey for our family vacation and it was heavenly...(minus the kids not sleeping very well and us all being tired).

Check out this beautiful piece of Heaven!  I think it looks like I imagine Hawaii to look.  Just gorgeous.  We played at the beach, took walks, took naps, and cooked in every day.  

Cooper loving it, Sawyer not quite sure...

 This giant of a child nearly broke my back carrying him in the bjorn on the beach.  Is there a weight limit??;)

Family picture...few and far between these days:) So thankful for the iPhone!!! I feel like most of our picture taking happens on that thing.

Sweet brothers

I love this kid!  

And this one too:)

Cooper insisted on being buried up to his "head."

Dennis the Menace park in Monterey.  A must stop with the boys.

If we weren't outside walking around, this is what most of our time looked like.  All my boys...well almost;)

We have a big FIRST grader in the house!!!  Where does the time go??

Someone else didn't want to be left out of the picture taking and paper holding:)

Walking to school on the first day.

Big soccer player on the Wood's Strikers.  Daddy's coaching and Mama's got one eye on the game and one eye on the other two.

Blue hair for the blue team!

And you know the saying, "A picture says a thousand words??"  Very, very true;)

This is a good example of what this silly goose does on game day and practice.  Today at the game I had to pull him away on multiple occasions from eating the frosting off a half eaten cupcake IN THE TRASH!!!  I finally gave up.  This is a different trash and location, but I found it oh so fitting.

Oh my!  Where do I even begin with this preciousness?  These are unedited photos I took in our living room.  Could he be any cuter? 

Such a joy!


A couple last pics of me and my sweetie.  We've been able to go do a few fun things in the last couple of months, one of which was to go see David Beckham play in LA.  What a fun time!

Our last much needed date night just the two of us.  SO blessed:)