Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beckham's Announcement

Oh how I wish we could have ordered enough of Beckham's announcements so that every person we know and love could have gotten one.  But it just wasn't feasible, soooo, here it is so that anyone who cares can see it:)  Cori did a phenomenal job once again and it turned out so precious!

The announcement was a folded card, so the top picture is the front and back, and then you opened it up to the middle with sweet, naked Beckham stretching across the entire inside:)  It makes me so sad how quickly he's grown:(  Here he is at around 6 pounds and only a few days old, and now he's close to 14 1/2 pounds at 3 months.  Precious boy!  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beckham 3 Months & Updates

Welp....I guess I missed my sweet Beck's two months, so here we are, finally putting some pictures up:)  We are still here, I promise...just a little preoccupied with these precious boys we have!

Here are few pics I snapped of Beckham today...with a real camera....not my iPhone.  Poor child is going to have most of his childhood chronicled with a phone camera:) Thank goodness for technology that's always handy!

I'm not exactly sure how much Beckham weighs, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 pounds.  Yes, a little chunky monkey!  He has big blue eyes, still has some red in his hair with some new blonder growth coming in on top, and is such a sweetheart!

And then we have our Little Middle.  Oh my word this child is funny!  He keeps me on my toes and is going through a little "hitting stage" with baby brother, big brother and some close friends.  Such a stinker!  But we will push through this little season:)  He's an excellent climber (I need to capture some of his little adventures on camera...)! He really has a sweet spirit about him and is quite the comedian.

He's discovered that he really likes eating cereal.  Win-Win!  Easy breakfast to prepare:)

And this is what you get when you ask him to do his "silly face."  Every muscle in his body tenses up, his eyes get really big and he distorts his mouth a little over to the side.  Too funny!

Cooper is still doing amazing with Kindergarten and some fun things he is enjoying right now is his new bike he got for his birthday, the Kinect that he also got for his birthday, and anything sports related.

All in all, we're doing well and the fog of having a newborn is starting to lift (Thank you Lord:)  Thank you for your patience during this season and I hope to start updating a little more frequently.  As always, we covet your prayers!