Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good Grief

I wanted to make you all aware of an amazing book written by a friend of mine.  I first met Erica when she worked with my husband at Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, AR.  She is one incredible lady that has been through a lot in her life....over coming cancer several times, losing her daughter Kylie around 21 weeks gestation, and walking through a failed adoption.  She has compiled not only her own experiences, but some awesome and practical things to help anyone dealing with loss and trials.  Her book is also geared toward loved ones.....things to do/ not do, say/ not say, as your daughter/son, friend, mom/dad, co-worker, neighbor, etc. walks through his or her own tragedy.  It's the perfect gift to give to someone or to buy for your own library, because let's face it, we all have either walked through really hard things in the past, will someday, or most definitely know someone who has/will.

Please check out "Good Grief," written by Erica McNeal!  Her book is launching on Monday and I would love for everyone to show her some love.  She has done some pretty remarkable things with the proceeds, like helping other peoples' adoption costs, so this book is very much a huge ministry that should be on every bookshelf in every house:)

Here is a quick and easy link to buy her book on Amazon....

I feel honored to have been able to endorse her's a little snippet of what I wrote....

“Although the Lord promises in His Word we will encounter trials in this life, nothing could have prepared me for the day I found my sweet baby lifeless in his crib. Good Grief! gives people who have experienced loss permission to grieve, while clinging to the hope we have in Christ; the only One who can restore and heal a broken heart. When often no one has a clue what to do to help, Good Grief! provides ideas for meeting real and immediate needs to those who surround the hurting.”   

Erica is also giving away some pretty awesome giveaways, so if you purchase a copy, you can enter to win.  Here is the info...

The following giveaways are happening for those who purchase a copy of Good Grief between June 11th – 16th.

Purchase an eBook, soft cover, or hard cover copy of Good Grief! and send your receipt to Each person who sends their receipt will:

1. Have up to 5 opportunities to win one of the following daily thank you gifts:
a. $45 Carrabbas Gift Card
b. $45 Outback Gift Card
c. $50 Amazon Gift Card
d. $50 Best Buy Gift Card
e. Signed Hard Cover copy of Good Grief! and a Signed copy of The Hour that Matters Most from Les and Leslie Parrott
2. Receive a free downloadable podcast of my talk, You Are Not Alone.
3. Receive a free downloadable recording of the Intro of Good Grief!

Purchase 10 or more copies of Good Grief! and email your receipt to to receive a six week Good Grief! Small Group Discussion Guide! As soon as I can verify your receipt, I will send you the pdf.