Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sawyer's Shower

My precious Life Group Girls: Cherie, Jessica, Katie and Brittany

The tables all set up with the wonderful decor. I loved the colors, the lanterns and the manzanita on the tables. It was perfect!

My friend, Amy Chambers, makes these wonderfully personalized sugar cookies:) They were really yummy!

This is one of my mentors Laurie Lamb. She's married to Brent, our Worship Director, and they're moving to Dallas so Brent can start managing Kari Jobe! How cool is that? Very excited for them:)

Sweet Girls:)

The entry table with Thank You cards for people to write their address helpful!

Warning to prego ladies taking pictures: DON'T put one hand under your belly! It looks a little bad! :) My friend Katie finally told me when she noticed me doing it! Ha!

Me and my Mom....So glad she could be here for the shower!

All the hostesses:) Precious life-long friends!

Most importantly, if you know me, you know I LOVE food! And it was yummmmmy!

And finally dessert! "Death by Chocolate" trifle, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Fruit Tarts!

This was the most special, perfect day! I felt so honored that all these ladies would come and celebrate our 3rd baby boy. It was such a rich time of encouraging my heart with God's Word and the Truth that is found there. I love that we can rely on Him and cast our anxieties on Him. Thank you everyone who is praying for us and this little guy in my tummy. We can't wait to meet more than 12 days! So hard to believe:)


  1. Jen, thanks for posting pictures of your baby shower! It was wonderfully decorated and gave me some good ideas, in case we ever had another boy....yeah right! After having 7 GIRLS in a row, I just don't know if there are any more boys in our future other than our 15 year old first born! It sure would be fun to have a boy and have a baby shower like this!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of Sawyer. In your pictures of the entry table I could see the profile pic of Sawyer's ultrasound and it was soooo special!

    You have precious and lovely friends!

  2. What a wonderful shower! Such sweet friends. ; )

    Love your goodies, too!

    I can't WAIT for you to have and hold and see and smell Sawyer, Jen. It's a feeling like no other.

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL shower!!! Love the teal and brown and how your dress is color coordinated too. Looks like a girly, fun day!!!

  4. Gorgeous details. We are praying for every aspect of Sawyer's arrival and praying that you would be free to DELIGHT in the gift that He is and that God would surround you with His grace and peace and continue to heal.
    BTW, I thought you might be entertained to know that when I opened your blog your music took a minute to start up and it sounded like trumpets and I SERIOUSLY looked around to see if it was the rapture. Not kidding.

  5. Hi there...this is probably the most random comment you'll receive, but I found your blog through another blog and read it all the way through last night...mostly through tears. You look gorgeous and I am praying for your whole family. Here's the random part---the person's blog that I found you through, I don't actually know in real life, just bloggy world, but reading your post today, I do know, in real life, your friend, Amy Chambers...I went to high school with her. I was a couple of years younger, but we had classes together and played sports together...I recognized immediately her cookies from her facebook page, and didn't think it was possible for it to be the same person, until I saw her in the pictures...crazy. Anyway, I just had to comment, as I've never found another blog that had someone I actually know in real life while just randomly reading.
    Now that I've rambled on, I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy and will be praying for you.

  6. What a pretty shower! I love all the monogrammed gifts!