Friday, November 4, 2011

Family, Halloween Fun & Fits

We have been quite busy wrapping up the end of soccer season, Jerrod's Mom (Sammie) coming to town, Halloween and Jerrod's birthday:)

We had Coop's last soccer game and his soccer party at a local pizza place.  The kids were so excited to get their trophies!

Coop's favorite coach and of course one proud Daddy!

Sammie and Sawyer had fun too.  Sawyer's favorite part was dancing to the juke box music.  He's got some definite moves!  I need to video soon....he is hilarious!

Sunday afternoon we did a little pumpkin carving since Sammie said she had never done it.  It's fun for a little while, but man it's a lot of work!  

Especially when Sammie buys a 45 pound pumpkin that requires shoulder deep commitment to get all those seeds out:)

Coop having fun:)

The finished products :)  The big one was supposed to have eye balls attached, but they didn't quite make it in the cutting process:)  Oh well!

My Knight and my Turtle.

We borrowed the knight costume from a sweet friend and Sawyer recycled Cooper's turtle costume:)

Cooper showing Sawyer the way to trick-or-treat:)

Someone is a big fan of Halloween candy!

The knight and his princess:)  
We ran into Logan, Coop's little buddy, out trick-or-treating and couldn't resist snapping a quick pic.  We were a little scattered this year and didn't see and take pics with several friends we normally see:(  

I had to add a couple quick pics here at the bottom of what happened earlier in the day of Halloween... 

My sweet angel Sawyer, well, as you can see, has developed quite an opinion about things he doesn't want to do. Like come inside when he would rather be outside.....That boy LOVES being outside.  Especially if he can have a golf club in one hand and ball of some sort in the other:)

I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family had a safe, fun Halloween!